Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bare Bottles

While looking through my emails a couple weeks ago I read an article about Bare baby bottles. I immediately had to go to the website and check out the info. When I saw the pics of the bottle I thought " This looks so cool! I would love for Xander to try it!"


So, as most of my close friends and family know I have exclusively breastfed my last 3 children. The "problem" with that is when I try and introduce a bottle for for the occasional night out or meeting at work, they don't want it at all! That leaves me running to places and hoping that they won't get hungry before I get back, lol. All my trips have to be timed, or the baby has to accompany me. Don't get me wrong, I love the bond and the benefits that nursing offers my self and my baby, but I would like a night out alone sometimes.

Bare bottles look like they will do the job! My kids have tried many bottles only to deny all of them. They all claimed to be most like the breast, but did not look like nor really function like one. Bare bottles look awesome! They have a patented "perfe-latch system" that mimics breastfeeding. The bottles also have "Air Plug" technology which means less gas!

Theses bottle are scheduled to be in stores in the fall. I will surely test them out and let you know if I finally got my night out sans baby!

If you are breastfeeding, or looking for a great bottle check out their website for more info.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drool Pads and Bib for Beco!!

I was looking on Etsy for drool pads for my Beco and came across iheartmaddie. This small shop had exactly what I needed. It was also the only one I found on Etsy with the bib for Beco and not just drool pads.They can also be made for other carriers too!

Made to Order Drool Pads and Bib for a Beco Carrier

The bib was perfect because Beco says not to wash your carrier too often. With a baby we all know that between drooling and spit up we would have quite a messy carrier if it was not washed often. This bib that snaps onto the carrier is perfect while baby is riding facing out in the carrier, and the drool pads are great when baby is facing in. You can then just take off the bib and pads and throw them in the wash.

Made to Order Drool Pads and Bib for a Beco Carrier

It takes about a week for her to finish since it is handmade, and the cost is $30 for the bib and two drool pads.The price is reasonable because you get to choose your fabric and have a quality handmade product. Not to mention you are helping out a small business :) I can't wait for mine to arrive!!

Made to Order Drool Pads and Bib for a Beco Carrier Made to Order Drool Pads and Bib for a Beco CarrierMade to Order Drool Pads and Bib for a Beco Carrier
If you have a Beco, Ergo, or another carrier you have to check out her site!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Foxy Vida Wet Bag Set with Dry Pocket

Browsing through Etsy a couple months back I found Foxy Vida. They have beautiful wet bags, clutches, wipes cases, and more! I fell in love with the "Limited Edition Baby Diaper Wet Bag Set With Dry Pocket and changing Pad Giraffes".

LIMITED EDITION Baby Diaper Wet Bag SET With Dry Pocket and Changing Pad Giraffes

The fabric is awesome! I hadn't seen the "Taupe Giraffe" fabric before. I loved the colors and the cute little giraffes. It's a wet bag that also has a dry pocket, and it comes with a matching changing pad! It also has a strap so that you can wear it as a wristlet (although it may be a bit big for that), or hook it onto a cart or stroller.  I use it for all different occasions like as a small diaper bag for quick trips, and for wet swim wear or accidents.
LIMITED EDITION Baby Diaper Wet Bag SET With Dry Pocket and Changing Pad Giraffes     LIMITED EDITION Baby Diaper Wet Bag SET With Dry Pocket and Changing Pad Giraffes

Foxy Vida has awesome bags, wipes cases, and more in their collection. They have lots of cool fabrics to choose from, and they also have a 10% discount when you like them on Facebook.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN Baby Diaper Wet Bag Set w Changing Pad   CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN Baby Diaper Wet Bag Set w Changing Pad

You have to check out their site!

Boutique Baby Wipe Case Navy Avery LIMITED EDITION Diaper Clutch SET With Dry Pocket and Changing in Navy Avery

Monday, July 23, 2012

OH SH*T (Warning, this post contains some dirty pics) LOL

What I thought would be a quick trip to the grocery store turned out to be a yucky mess in the parking lot.
I only had two kids with me, Xander (my 4 month old), and Bella (my 5 year old). I was eager to get in and out as I had things to do at home, not to mention I went grocery shopping the night before and forgot a few items. Xander was asleep in his car seat and I decided to put him in the carrier since his seat doesn't seem to fit properly in the cart.

When I picked him up I thought "Hmm, he seems to be sweating a lot." since his back was wet. "OH SH*T!!!" It seems my peaceful sleeping baby had taken a huge poo in his diaper, all over his back, and his car seat! Now,he usually screams and cries when he has a dirty diaper, but for some reason he seemed very content in his poo today.

As I took on the task of changing him in the front seat of the car, Bella was watching and assisting me by handing me wipes. Then the questions started; " What is that thing?" she asked. "What thing?" I said. Okay yes I was playing dumb because she had seen that thing before and never asked me about it. She said, " That thing where he pees.". I said "That's his penis. Boys have them.". "Why?" she asked. Really Bella, right now with the questions while I'm sweating in the parking lot trying to maneuver Xander so I don't get poo in his hair while pulling his outfit off? I told her he had it because that's what makes boys different from girls, and she was fine with that answer. Then she asks me "Is he gonna have it when he gets bigger?" Omg, lmao!!!! As if it was going to fall off like his belly button stub! I told her yes,he will have it forever. Thank goodness I was done changing him and we could finally go into the store.

One thing I found really handy (other than the diapers, wipes, and change of clothing) in my bag was the Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Duck and bags. This cute little duck holds scented bags to put your dirty diapers in while not at home, or dirty clothing. You can buy them at Target, Walmart, Toys and Babies r Us, Amazon,  and other shops. I was glad I had them today ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Joyfolie shoes

I came across Joyfolie shoes when I was browsing though baby stuff on Esty ( I frequent the site a lot, so I'm sure you will see more items for there) and I fell in love with them. They now have a website and they have grown quite a bit.

Delani      Leopard Rose

Joyfolie has a variety of shoes and boots for little girls and women, and they have expanded their line to clothing and accessories. The little girl shoes are so beautiful!!!! You will want each pair you see!

Mona              Kat Shoes

Now I haven't actually bought any shoes from them so I can't say if they are comfortable or practical, but they are so darn cute! To me they are pretty pricey for kids shoes, but they may be worth it once you see your little daring in them. I plan on getting a pair for my 5 year old soon. Make sure you visit their site!


Lillie Throw Blankies by Bebe au Lait

Kids love to have something to make them feel at home when they are not. One of my daughters has a blanket, the other a stuffed hippo, and thanks to Lillie by Bebe au Lait's Throw Blankie  my 4 month old now has something too! When I was looking for the "perfect woobie" I came across a site that was talking about this blankie. I thought it was so cute and I knew I wanted to get one.

This blankie is made of soft fleece with a satin trim. It stands out from the rest because it has a little pouch attached to it that you can stuff the blanket in to keep it clean and to make it compact so you can easily throw it in your bag.  Plus your child can use it as a ball when they get a little older. This blanket come in pink or blue satin trim with white/ cream fleece. It sells for $25 on the Bebe au Lait website, but I've seen it on other sites for less, or you can find a coupon codes for site discounts. My only complaint is that the threading comes out a bit after washing, but that could also be my fault since I hardly ever read washing directions, lol. 

My little guy loves his blanket! He nuzzles and cuddles it, and it is very soft for his delicate skin. I actually attached his paci to it so he has the perfect sleep/comfort companion. 

Here is the website, check it out :

Sweet Pea Ring Slings

Two years ago right after I had my second daughter, I was looking for a ring sling to buy. I stumbled across, and I was so glad that I did. She had tons of cool ring slings that were custom made, and instructions on how to properly use them. I love my ring sling because I think that my baby feels the most comfortable in it, and I am also comfortable in it.

The fabrics come in cotton, linen, silk, and mesh (for water). The slings are lightly padded, can come with a pocket, and you can choose the colors of double layered fabric. She has tons of colors and prints to choose from and the best part is that you get to create your one of a kind sling. I always get compliments on my sling everywhere I go.

You can wear your baby in all different kinds of positions with this sling. There is the front facing out, front, facing in (toward you), hip, and back holds. Instructions are posted on her site for the correct way to hold your baby in each position. I can tell that my baby loves this sling. My youngest (a boy I might add) is still using the same sling I bought two years ago! I plan on buying a linen one soon. He falls asleep so quickly in it, and he never fusses.

These slings are great for everyday use in the house, or going out. I wouldn't recommend for long hikes though if you have tendinitis in your shoulder, but otherwise it is the perfect sling :) Basic slings start at $50(not including shipping), that's a great deal! You can also buy one for your younger children since she sells doll sling too, so cute!!, or on facebook at Sweet Pea Ring Slings